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Persons of trust

ISM confidants offer support to students and/or employees in university conflict situations.
You have the opportunity to talk about your problem in a calm and friendly atmosphere and to reflect on the stressful situation together with the confidant and to develop possible solutions. In addition, the confidants can provide information for further steps and, if necessary, refer you to other counseling services. The goal is to provide an internal university authority that can be consulted at a low threshold.

Possible conflict scenarios include:
• You feel depressed or burdened by worries.
• You no longer feel comfortable in your team in the long term.
• They have a conflict they would like to talk about with a neutral person.

The commitment of the confidential counsellors is voluntary and honorary. They work according to the following principles:
• Independence: The trusted third parties act as autonomously as possible, independent of their assignment to areas or institutions.
• Neutrality: Concerns are handled neutrally, with an open mind and in a solution-oriented manner.
• Confidentiality: The concerns are treated confidentially.
• Appreciation: The trusted persons always show appreciation for the person concerned and the concern.

Foto Leszek Natoloczny

Leszek Natoloczny

Coordinator of student matters

Phone: +49 231 975139-353


Foto Layla Ayobi

Layla Ayobi

Campus Dortmund

Tel: +49 231 975139-45


Foto Jessica Müller

Jessica Müller

Campus Frankfurt

Phone: +49 69 66059367-14


Foto Tanja Freitag

Tanja Freitag

Campus Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 3199339-23


Foto Alice Bergmann-Kara

Alice Bergmann-Kara

Campus Hamburg

Phone: 040.3 19 93 39-44


Foto Petra Rörup

Petra Rörup

Campus Munich

Phone: +49 89-2000350-71


Foto Silke A. Friedrich

Silke A. Friedrich

Person of trust (Research)

Phone: +49 89-2000350-71